Tourism & Leisure

Tourism & Leisure is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors, with an important social, economic and cultural role worldwide. Serving an increasing number of destinations and international tourists, it is a major driver for socio-economic progress through the creation of employment, foreign exchange generation and infrastructure development. It also has a wide-ranging impact on a number of related sectors – from construction to transportation and telecommunications.

Activities associated with Tourism & Leisure are travel arrangement and reservation services, and a variety of arts, entertainment and recreational services provided by companies and individuals, museums, historical sites, amusement and theme parks, and gambling companies. It also includes accommodation, food-service and drinking establishments.


Here are some of the top information providers for Tourism & Leisure that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • MarketLine
    Professional Publishing Hungary Kft. (PPH Media)
    Professional Publishing Hungary Kft. (PPH Media)
    BMI (Fitch Solutions)
    BMI (Fitch Solutions)
    BW Businessworld Media Pvt. Ltd.
    BW Businessworld Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • Data Consult
    Data Consult
    Lafis Consulting
    Lafis Consulting
    Hotels and Tourism Association of Colombia (COTELCO)
    Hotels and Tourism Association of Colombia (COTELCO)
    Mergent, Inc.
    Mergent, Inc.

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